Alisa Dean, founder and CEO of the Dream OhSo BIG! Foundation, was given the nickname “OhSo” by the late Michael Wade Laberee, who took his own life March 21st, 2010. Michael was a beloved son, trusted friend, a fantastic father and fellow “dream bigger”. His struggle with depression was a painful one to watch and he will forever be missed by many.

 Michael’s life had a big impact on Alisa, as did his death. Dream OhSo BIG! started when Alisa asked herself “What would I really like to be doing right now? What sort of impact to I want to have in the world”?

The answer was simple: philanthropy. She wanted to create hope for those for whom hope was gone. She wanted to support others in realizing that their life mattered. And Alisa believed strongly that it wouldn’t take a whole lot from each of us individually: it would simply mean everyone pitching in a little bit. And if we all pitched in a little bit, then together, we would be pitching in a lot.

What would the world be like, Alisa wondered, if everyone committed to offering random acts of kindness to those around them? Then, she took it one step further, and imagined how big an impact an entire community might have if it pooled its resources and energy to achieve change on a larger scale. How big? OhSo BIG!


Michael Wade Laberee 12/7/1973- 3/21/2010

Michael Wade Laberee
12/7/1972- 3/21/2010